is us

We are  creative and super accurate. We love wearing a suit, baseball cap and  sneakers. We’re really into monster trucks – and poetry. We have a green  thumb and still eventually kill every plant. Our favourite colour is blue.  Red. No, green. We are what we are. Each one of us is different. And everyone  is great just as they are. Even better in what we do.

Working  with us.
Team member POV.


Because people are the way they are – unique – they must also be able to work in the way that is best for them.

In our experience, people always do particularly well when the rules are adapted to the people, and not the other way round. This is why our rules learn and evolve – and we learn and evolve with them.

And by the way: our rules have gone through 225 iterations so far. We look forward to the next rounds.

Come teach our rules new stuff

Working with us. Client POV.

For us, our clients are part of the team: we join forces and work towards the same goal and celebrate our success together.

And as clients are part of our team, we also work with them in the same way: the way that is best for them.

Companies big and small tend to appreciate this flexibility.

Come teach our rules new stuff
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